Bloodgood Is Writing A New Album

The 80’s Christian metal/hard rock juggernauts Bloodgood announced this morning that they are writing a new album!   Les Carlsen, Michael Bloodgood, David Zaffiro and Paul Jackson are writing the album on Zoom from four different states.

The last time they put out a studio album was 2013 (Dangerously Close). 

 The Blastozoic Era recently added their song The Word, the bonus cut from the 2021 reissue of that album.

Barren Cross Interview Starting Today On The (Early) Blastozoic Era Radio Show

Colin Cruz, host of The Blastozoic Era, recently interviewed Michael Drive (aka Mike Lee) of the bands Gale Force and M24, and of course he is most well known as the lead singer of top 80’s Christian metal band Barren Cross.

The first few segments of the interview air on Tuesday September 21, 2021 in the 3 pm hour, USA/Canada Central Time, and focus on the band Barren Cross.   More segments will air on this weekly show over the next few weeks.

The show is rebroadcast on Saturday nights on Sunny Radio, 93.3 FM and 1520 AM Sioux Falls and on  at 6 pm (USA/Canada Central Time).

Stryper To Hell With The Devil…2.0???

I think most Stryper fans know deep in their hearts that despite some solid recent albums,  Stryper will never be able to top their 1986 album To Hell With The Devil.   But they will soon release an album that may very well be their best album since To Hell With The Devil.

The band recently recorded the whole album all over again at Spirithouse Studios in Massachussets.

Rights and use issues surround some of their earlier works and this will certainly give the band some more freedoms and probably open up some more income streams from airplay and other usage of the new versions of the songs.

~Colin Cruz, The Blastozoic Era Program Director

Zion Has A New Album Coming Out

80’s Christian metal band Zion has a new album coming out.  Pre-sale orders are being taken now.

As far as mainstream comparisons go, the band sounds most like AC/DC, musically and vocally.

Here is a link to their Facebook page: