Miss Angie Is Back With A New EP

Miss Angie is back!

By Colin Cruz

Miss Angie hit the scene as a teenage rocker on Myrrh Records in 1997, with the smash rock hits Lift My Eyes Up, Satisfied, and Hands.   I loved playing those songs on my weekly FM Christian rock show back then.  The title track from her debut disc, pictured above, 100 Million Eyeballs, was released to Christian CHR/Top 40 radio at the same time as the debut rock single Lift My Eyes Up, and of course, 100 Million Eyeballs was way too cool for most Christian CHR stations, but I was happy to be able to play it on a Christian Hot CHR station that used to exist in Albuquerque when I was there in 1998-2001.

In 1999, her sophomore disc Triumphantine came out, featuring the rock hit I Love Light.

In 2011, under the radar, she dropped an album called Time And Space.

And now in 2021, she releases her new EP called Desert Flags.   The Blastozoic Era has added the song Joy Rider to The Middle Blastozoic Era show playlist.