Barren Cross To Record New Material

Barren Cross is “definitely” going to record new music.  That’s the word from from bass player Jim LaVerde, second from left, in this photo of the band, all together.  When The Blastozoic Era program director Colin “Cruz” Strombeck spotted this photo on LaVerde’s Facebook page last night, he was the first to ask, “Is there going to be new BC music?”

LaVerde did not answer whether it will be a full album or not.   But, c’mon…it’s been this long…Stryper puts out album after album…Bloodgood was putting out new albums…Barren Cross is overdue!

Also pictured, lead singer Michael Drive (fka: Mike Lee); guitarist Ray Parris and drummer Steve Whitaker.

Barren Cross was one of the top Christian metal bands of the 1980’s.  They were one of the first Christian bands to land a video on MTV.  And they were a favorite band of Colin Cruz (and incidentally, John Cooper of Skillet) growing up.

Rock For the King, dudes!